Minecraft Pocket Edition Rapid Transit World! We're always improving on easier and ways to get around! Invite us to your world and we might make a cool rapid transit system for your world as well! Or Join Ours! ( This page is still under construction, so please be patient! )

Name: Harrison (BMRT)

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(We're Still Hooking Our Server up with other cool non-related plugins to enjoy, so its not open to the public just yet. So please be patient and relax, get some info before hand.)


You'll spawn in the MasterBrick Plaza located in the center of KEITH JUNCTION STATION, one of the biggest transfer and popular hub points in the map, the second being Pegasus-Harrison Hub Station. From here, you'll be able to access many things and have a look behind the scenes.

System Map

A Current Map of the Brick Metropolis Rapid Transit System (B.M.R.T.)!

Beta Map

This is our latest beta map, so to speak. Whenever we are about to change the current map, we post what we have for the new map so far here before a stable and official one goes up. The map (below) isn't currently near a finished product as you can see, but gives a feel to the system. [ A much bigger version is available here--> System Map ]


Old Maps

Here's a collection of our old maps of old systems!

Current Construction

All Uptown N trains run Express from Utica Avenue - 42 Street to Forest Avenue. See N Line for further info.

Current Lines

A Line Pelham Line Local

B Line Myrtle Line Local - Express

C Line Grand Line Local - Express

D Line Flushing Line Local

E Line Pelham Line Express

G Line Triton Line Local

H Line Pelham Line Express

I Line Maple Leaf Line Local

J Line Main Line Local

K Line Newkirk Line Local

L Line Broadway Line Express

M Line Myrtle Line Express

N Line Myrtle Line Local

Q Line Myrtle Line Local

R Line Flushing Line Local

S Shuttle Lines

T Line Broadway Line Local

V Line Grand-Flushing Line Local

W Line Maple Leaf Line Express

X Line Newkirk Line Express

Z Line Main Line Express

Old Lines

F Line Pelham Line Local

O Line Travis Line Local

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