The N line is part of the Red & Blue Line Mix, also called the Myrtle Line. Its one of the four main lines in the system and provides a connection to every line in the system with the exception of the I, W, L, E, & A Lines.This line runs down Cloud Nine Boulevard from North Lakewood - Flyover Parkway Station, then down Myrtle Avenue in the midtown section of Harrison elevated from Forest Avenue Station; as it closes in on the downtown business district in Kingston, its runs down Kensington Avenue underground. It then curves into Keith Junction then runs along Myrtle Bridge as an elevated rail. After this it makes its path parallel to the Hearthington Expressway in a trench towards its end terminus Seagate Beach - Atlantic Avenue Station, with the last four stops before it being elevated; the terminus itself being underground.

Typical Service

The N Line. To/From North Lakewood - Flyover Parkway and Seagate Beach - Atlantic Avenue at all times. Via Myrtle Avenue Local. [Kingston Local] [Seagate Local] [Myrtle Av Local] [Cloud Nine Express]. This route runs at all times. Some trains departing from either terminus during late nights run normal service but terminate at KEITH JUNCTION STATION.

Current Planned Work/Construction

All Uptown N trains run Express from Utica Avenue - 42 Street to Forest Avenue. There is construction on all local stations between those two stops on the uptown side. All stations will receive new improvements.


North Lakewood - Flyover Parkway

Maspeth Boulevard

Ceramic Avenue

Cloud Nine Boulevard - Flushing Street Extension

Delancy Street

Flushing Avenue

Hyman Avenue

Forest Avenue - Cloud Nine Boulevard

Forest Avenue

Bay Parkway - 204 Street

Sentinal Pl - 191 Street

181 Street

Draper Boulevard - 175 Street

Teck Terrance - 164 Street

Prospect Parkway - 155 Street

145 Street

136 Street

Main Street - 125 Street

Metropolis Avenue - 114 Street

102 Street

96 Street

University of Harrison - Triton Avenue - 86 Street

79 Street

71 Street

Kensington Avenue - Amsterdam Avenue - 65 Street

58 Street

49 Street

Utica Avenue - 42 Street

33 Street

28 Street

22 Street

18 Street

Broadway - 14 Street

7 Street

Houston Street

Victory Road

Neck Street

Yamanzi Street

Kazosikukozeku Avenue

Brooklyn Avenue

Queens Highway

Felix Center

Essex Street

Williams Avenue

Hanover Square - Ceramic Street Mall


Newkirk Avenue

Myrtle Bridge - Seaview Avenue

Judo Avenue

Renny Street

Kennedy Avenue

Stan Pl

Hearthington Expressway

Grand Street - Flatbush Avenue

Allen Avenue

Middle Cove

Red Swan Way

Franklin Street

Sheridan Avenue

Velvet Duck Turnpike

Union Avenue

Sweet Stone Square

Violet Valley Way

Chambers Street

Seagate Expressway - Shuffle Boulevard

Twister Boulevard

1 Avenue

Centre & Market Streets

Seagate - 5 Avenue

Seagate -10 Avenue

Seagate - Seaport Way - 12 Avenue

Seagate Beach - South Street

Seagate Beach - Atlantic Avenue